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How It All Began

So here I am, minding my business one lovely Sunday afternoon, re-creating my favorite Chinese take-out items. I had Char Siu, also known as Spare Ribs, salt and pepper Shrimp, Wings, all the works! And then, my stove caught on fire. That's right - my stove caught on fire! So, I said that I wasn't cooking for a while...

However, me being me, I got in the kitchen and started messing with some stuff. I came up with a salt mixture that I thought was pretty cool. Then I got to thinking, remember when we used to travel and do things like see people? The creation of the salt mix made me realize how much spices open your eyes, ears, nose, and tastes buds. So, I created Of the Season Spices, a company focused on curating a story for your next meal; whether it's a spicy adventure with Paprika or a joyous escapade with Oregano. 

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What Does Bespoke Mean?

/bəˈspōk/ made for a particular customer or user.

Of the Season Spices is the definition of delicious! I take pride in creating special blends that speak to me.  Our spice mixes are handcrafted in small batches and may not always be available. Some products will stay in our permanent line, but as the name says, some with be of the season. So if you have your eye on something, grab it while it's available.

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